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The Class of 1960 45th Reunion
Marilyn Markoff Southern '60 sent in this item

Can it really have been 45 years since we graduated from QAHS? Seems like just yesterday when walked down to the Memorial Stadium singing, “We are the Grizzlies, the mighty, mighty Grizzlies, etc.” and then watched our team in orange uniforms play in the mud. Remember when the girls were commanded by the boys to go into the smoky, smelly Greasy Spoon on Sadie Hawkins Day. Or the times some of boys had to spend on CCC (Campbell’s Cleanup Crew). Or when we read “John Brown’s Body” in Miss Hick’s Language Arts Class. Or when we learned Geometry and that” It’s a women’s’ prerogative to change her mind” from Mrs. Paul. Or how Mr. Clark taught us how to use a slide rule. Or when we preformed in Kuay Kapers and “Brigadoon”. Or when we went to the PTA dances at the Feildhouse. Or when we graduated at the Ice Arena and Prom night at the Olympic Hotel’s Spanish Ballroom.

These are just some of the topics of conversation overheard on Saturday, October 1st at the reunion of the Class of 1960. The reunion was held at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club. The food was wonderful, the view spectacular and the company of classmates It was fun, fun. fun for the 110 persons who attended. For several of them it was their very first reunion. We reminisced about high school days, caught up on times present and talked about tentative plans for the future big 5-0 reunion. Everyone had a grand time. We really should do this more often.

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