Can you help us find our lost classmates?.

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Many of our alumni are on our missing list because they have moved, have had name changes and even may have passed away without our knowing about it. Please review this list for your class. If you are aware of any information for any listed classmate, please e-mail us the details (address, phone, e-mail, the date if deceased, etc.) at

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Name Last Known Location
Anna Arthur  
Brian Barrie  
Wilda Bright  
Betsy A Brown CHRISMAN IL 
Susan Brown  
Robert "Bob" Crane KIRKLAND WA 
Mary (Crawford) Smith  
Robert G Crooks BOISE ID 
Dianne (Dainard) Sundram  
Karen Daniel  
Jerry Dealph  
Barbara Desisto  
Gary Dolan  
Donna Donaldson  
David A "Dave" Edgin SEATTLE WA 
Marilyn Edwards  
Patricia Fuchs  
Yvonne Gleyre  
Richardo G Hahn  
Karen Haigh  
Shirley S Hale  
Donald "Don" Harr  
Patricia Haverly  
Nancy (Jenseth) Walter  
David Kelley  
Jeanne Kelly SUN LAKES AZ 
Suzanne Kollman  
Donald Kriens  
Gary Larson  
Eleanor K "Kathy" (Lindahl) Wright SHORELINE WA 
Charlotte MacDonald  
Douglas F McClane SAN ANGELO TX 
Sandra "Sandy" (McCutchen) Davis  
Karen McKenzie  
John Nunley  
Gloria J Oliveros  
Robert Olson  
Carol Olson  
John Peterson  
Lewis Peterson  
Daniel "Dan" Piro  
Steven W "Steve" Rathbun  
Curt Raudies  
Wilson Ruiz  
Robert "Rob" Russell  
Dennis J "Denny" Ryan SEATTLE WA 
Barbara (Sanchez) Bartz  
Joanne Scott  
Mary (Shears) Johansen SEATTLE WA 
William Silva  
Arthur "Art" Smith  
Sharon L (Stamnes) Davis FEDERAL WAY WA 
Robin L Stark RIVERTON UT 
Mike Stewart  
Caryl D "Caryl Deane" (Thompson) de la Huerga DELAFIELD WI 
Marita Ulhaas  
Dorrine Wanezek  
Rita White  
Gayle Williams  
Wanda Williams  
Dee Ann Wold  
Amanda (Yost) Powell