Can you help us find our lost classmates?.

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Many of our alumni are on our missing list because they have moved, have had name changes and even may have passed away without our knowing about it. Please review this list for your class. If you are aware of any information for any listed classmate, please e-mail us the details (address, phone, e-mail, the date if deceased, etc.) at

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Name Last Known Location
Linda Anderson  
Deena Anderson  
Joyce (Andrews) Newman COLORADO SPRINGS CO 
Robin Bartlett  
Carol (Biggar) Holcomb  
Michael Black  
Warren Brink  
Janis (Brockman) Battersbys EVERETT WA 
Lynne (Bryant) Bleckett  
Kathy Burk  
Tim Burke  
James Campbell SNOHOMISH WA 
Carol (Carlson) Haugeax  
Patty Carman  
Kathy Cox  
Susan C "Sue" (Craig) Mitchell EDMONDS WA 
Michael "Mickey" Culley  
Margaret "Peggy" Cummings  
James Davis  
James Dubois  
Don Edgerton  
Allen R Engle  
Cheryl Engle  
Byron Fairbanks  
Gerald Gatzke  
Clinton Gilbert  
Robert "Bob" Gillespie  
Fred N Graham POULSBO WA 
Rosemary (Grosscup) Golden LOS ANGELES CA 
Catherine Gunderson  
Michael R Hall AUBURN WA 
Judy Harper  
David J Harris BEND OR 
Charles Hatfield  
Greg Hermsen  
Jeri Hjert  
Rick Holbrook  
Sharon Hollier  
Yoshiaki Ikeda SEATTLE WA 
Ron L Jacobson SEATTLE WA 
Steven A Johnson  
Wendell H "Herb" Johnson  
Peter Kahlke  
Dennis G Keaton BURIEN WA 
William T "Bill" Kehoe SEATTLE WA 
Eugene B "Gene" Kerlee  
Michael "Mike" Kessler  
Michael Lakes  
Ernie Light  
Elroy Lund  
Vicki M (MacAulay) Rauscher RANCHO MIRAGE CA 
Kevin Marker  
Richard Markoff  
John Marks  
Poppy B (Marks) Clark  
Jennifer Miller  
Wendy Miller  
Warren Miller  
Terri Morehouse  
James Mulder  
Michael Nasson  
Lucretia Norberg  
Donna J (Olson) Harding KENT WA 
Linda C (Payne) Arnold  
Sandra Pedersen  
James Percell  
Sharon Pifer  
John Piller  
John Price  
John J Rusis KENMORE WA 
Judith A "Judi" (Sebastian) Johnson BREMERTON WA 
Beverly Sennett  
John S Sharp  
Robert "Bob" Shepherd  
Sara Smith  
Deanna (Springer) Mingo  
Linda Stonier  
David H Thomas SEATTLE WA 
William S "Bill" Trudgian BOTHELL WA 
Darlene A (Uhlig) Bauer SEATTLE WA 
Kay VanArneam  
Marilyn A Vanderpoll  
Linda Viall  
Martin Walsh  
Janet Westerweller  
Mike Westgard  
Mary L Wilder  
James Wilkinson  
Sidney Williams