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Voluntary Web Directory

Many alumni have requested an e-mail directory so as to be able to contact "lost" friends. We hope to enable many side conversations and some mini-reunions.

Wary of "spamming," the QAHSAA Board has agreed to provide such a directory with the reservations that only those who complete the Directory Sign-up Form or e-mail us with express permission to post their names and e-mail addresses will be added to the directory. Please use the sign-up form to also make corrections (such as e-mail changes) or to remove yourself. To return to the main Directory page, click here.

NOTE: To send an e-mail to a classmate, replace the "[at]" in the listed e-mail address with a "@" to make the e-mail address valid. This has been done to reduce SPAM.

Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
Jim Barber goldbridge[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
Layton Basset Need Valid Email The Villages, FL 8/3/2005
Nancy Pat (Beatty) Richmond legalpat[at]msn.com CHANGE OF ADDRESS: 21100 State Street, No. 12, San Jacinto, CA 92583. Now an ordained Presbyterian (USA) pastor and chaplain, semi-retired. 3/29/2016
George Cloakey gcloakjr[at]live.com 12/7/2012
Marge (Dainard) McArthur margemc35[at]hotmail.com enjoy the qa alumini website wish I was closer to Seattle and I would sure help with what I could do. 8/3/2005
Russell Elsom elsomjr[at]gmail.com Red Bluff, CA 8/3/2005
David L. Evans dle_jle[at]pacbell.net
William P. "Bill" Gaunt oldbill_39[at]yahoo.com 3/28/2016
Susan "Sue" (Harrison) Harvey Suli[at]comcast.net 3/27/2016
Conrad J Larsen Radone22000[at]hotmail.com 10/8/2011
Elizabeth C. (Matthias) Cloakey camanowest35[at]yahoo.com 12/7/2012
Bill McCoubrey Billmccoub[at]aol.com Bellvue, WA 8/3/2005
Jo Anne (Meyers) Erickson j-erickson[at]sbcglobal.net 6/1/2008
Alvin C "Al" Moe acmoe_0428[at]msn.com 12/8/2018
Donna J (Ogren) Gray radjgray55[at]gmail.com 3/8/2009
Mary Lou (Swanagon) Cloud Nowclouds[at]aol.com Still fond memories of QAHS, We live in Coronado and currently preparing a 50 year celebration of Surveyor First Moon Landing. - prior to Apollo. We have 125 people coming from Across the nation for a Last Hurrah! Husband Jim was responsible for the Systems Engineering and Spacecraft Manager. Our lives are full. We salute the Class of 1953!

Mary Cloud
Gary K. THOMAIER GK13[at]aol.com 2/28/2006
Colette (Thomas) Smith cltsmith2[at]yahoo.com 8/3/2005
James G. "Jim" Turner jnturner[at]earthlink.net Colonel, US Army, Retired. Formerly Hospital CEO in California and West Germany. Now living in League City, Galveston County, Texas, near NASA Houston Space Center. 4/1/2018
Bob N Wells rnbtwells[at]msn.com 7/24/2013
Donald E Zimmerman donaldz93[at]comcast.net Actually, I'm an O'Dea graduate but had many friends at QA High and am hoping to contact them 2/4/2010