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Many alumni have requested an e-mail directory so as to be able to contact "lost" friends. We hope to enable many side conversations and some mini-reunions.

Wary of "spamming," the QAHSAA Board has agreed to provide such a directory with the reservations that only those who complete the Directory Sign-up Form or e-mail us with express permission to post their names and e-mail addresses will be added to the directory. Please use the sign-up form to also make corrections (such as e-mail changes) or to remove yourself. To return to the main Directory page, click here.

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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
Gil E. Ackerman geackerman[at]comcast.net Class of '54/'55 1/5/2006
Charles Anderson charlie[at]charlie-anderson.net Olympia, WA 8/3/2005
Don P. Brennan brennandp[at]comcast.net Graham, WA 12/1/2006
Fred E Brockman fpbrock[at]comcast.net Still Live in Olympia, 7/9/2009
Jeanne L. (Cardiff) Bray rj.bray[at]frontier.com Retired elementary school teacher...living in Lynnwood WA in same home for 49 years!!! Love my time with "hubby"...travelling and enjoying family...kids and grandkids!! 2/16/2015
Frieda (Ching) Wong allenfrieda[at]aol.com 3/11/2011
Tom M. Curran tm.curran[at]comcast.net 12/10/2007
Gary Dederer gdederer[at]hotmail.com Seattle 8/3/2005
Zac R. Elander zelander[at]comcast.net Anacortes, WA 7/21/2012
Roger Freeman rfpackard[at]comcast.net Seattle, WA 8/3/2005
Fred Grant fjgfreddi[at]aol.com 5/16/2008
Arlene J. (Griffiths) Knauss arlenek[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
John Grover johngrover[at]msn.com Wenatchee, WA 8/3/2005
Dawson C. Harvey dawsonh[at]msn.com 8/3/2005
Jean E (Hendrickson) White jean-white[at]comcast.net Bothell, WA 4/2/2016
Roger Kee emknrk38[at]yahoo.com Retired 3/14/2011
Leo Marty lsmarty[at]comcast.net Have lived in Olympia past 21 years in phone book 7/9/2010
Sam Moyle smoyle2[at]msn.com 8/3/2005
Roberta A. "Anne" (Nelson) McLean ramogt[at]cox.net 5/5/2009
Robert K "Bob" Nerup bobnerup[at]comcast.net How about lunch? 6/12/2014
Sharon (Padden) Stewart ssauk[at]aol.com Concrete, WA 8/3/2005
Gail (Saul) Latimer gglatimer[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
Carol J. (Sieverling) Simcock cjsimcock[at]yahoo.com So glad to discover this site. Had a ball at the last reunion and hope to "keep up" with my fellow KUAY-ites.
Have lived in California since 1961; worked as a software engineer....
Sue (Snyder) Streeper streeper[at]cox.net Live in El Cajon (CA)--same location for 40 years. Now retired from teaching high school Spanish. Three sons. Busy with 400 roses and travel. 8/3/2005
Elizabeth (Sortor) Elkins elkins100[at]aol.com 8/3/2005
Gary R Stone gbstone[at]comcast.net 7/30/2007
J. David Teal flippydog1950[at]gmail.com Living in Mississippi. Get to Seattle (and other places) every summer. I'd love to hear from you at my NEW email address: flippy1950@hotmail.com. 7/4/2014
Frances Tibbits FTibbits1[at]aol.com Pacific Palisades, California 6/2/2014
Dolores (Vinikow) Schwartz hornfun[at]optonline.net A professional French hornist still performing in the NY area and a certified pro teaching tennis at the local health club. 8/3/2005