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Name E-mail Address Comment
Bonnie L (Allen) Allen blaski[at]coastaccess.com Ski Instructor at White Pass, WA(2016-2017 Ski Season taught 324 Students)
Live on the Coast of Washington
Part time work: Domestic Violence Advocate
Jeanne (Allison) Uhles uhlesco[at]gmail.com Bellingham, WA
Bill Anderson bill4u125[at]aol.com Tacoma, WA. Still playing in Rock and Blues band and loving it.
Cheryl A (Ball) Atwood atwoodc22[at]comcast.net
Carol A (Bilderback) McCabe carol.mccabe[at]juno.com
Dennis Braley dmbraley[at]juno.com I recently retired from my job after 38 years at NASA
Karen J (Brekke) Williams fstviola[at]comcast.net
Harold "Harry" Brown harrybrown94[at]gmail.com
Madeleine C (Bruenner) Larsson rotnkid[at]cox.net
Wayne Cahill wecahill[at]gmail.com
Bonnie Jean Campbell bjcampbell[at]mchsi.com
Pat (Canada) Rasar Patr1962[at]aol.com
Bruce H "Gus" (Cleveland) N/A bhcleve[at]yahoo.com Retired from Bank of America (2004) and moved to condo in Edmonds, WA in 2011.
David J. DeLaittre djdelaittre[at]aol.com
Donna L (Dillaway) Stebbins donnasteb[at]hotmail.com
John F. Douglass jfd[at]fidalgo.net Hermiston, Oregon
Retired from Saudi Aramco.
Denise M "Leah D" (Ford) Frank TraxWalker[at]gmail.com I changed my name about 50 years ago to Leah D Frank. So I should be listed as Leah (Denise Ford) Frank. At this point I would be shocked if someone called me Denise.It would take me a minute to figure out to whom they were speaking. If you want to know why just ask.
Vicki Foreman 4manvicki[at]gmail.com Retired from the Seattle School District and U of W. Living in Kirkland with my husband, Dick Arends, and best dog friend, Mochi. Busy with volunteer jobs, travel here and there, our kids, mostly successful dog training, reading good lit mixed with "beach trash" mysteries, laughing, staying connected to my family flung about the country, and being grateful for life and wonderful friends.
Denny Freeburn dfree60[at]cableone.net Eagle, Idaho
Barbara D. (Fruetel) Waltz barbwaltz[at]gmail.com
Linda G. (Giles) Wahoske lindasocal[at]msn.com
Marie (Glattfelder) McCallum marie1243[at]att.net My husband and I are now retired from our corperation and living a great life.
Chet l Hammond c.l.hammond[at]att.net Currently living Waco, Tx. and have lived in McLennan County since 1969. Looking forward to the 50th class reunion in 2012. I retired in 2009 and really enjoy the time off. Hello to all.
Libby (Hampson) Moore libmoore62[at]msn.com
Karen (Heald) Clinton kclin29727[at]aol.com
Eileen M (Hill) Wenger nmbridgemaven[at]gmail.com Would very much like to reconnect with fellow students, especially Gerine Fuller. We lost touch after I moved to Alaska in 1961. If anyone has kept in touch with anyone from the class of 1960, (sophomore) would love to hear.
Gail C. (Hobson) Martini-Peterson gcmartini[at]mindspring.com After retiring from teaching in 1998, I now write for children and other writers and have been published on the web and in periodicals.
Marilyn (Houghton) Bruns balare7[at]comcast.net
Janice "Jan" (Hoverson) Parent loujanp[at]comcast.net Retired and living back on good old Magnolia.
John M. Jamieson jjinmanson[at]outlook.com After going to Seattle Pacific for 2 years I went into the Army for another 2 years. Got married in 1970, Blessed with 2 sons, started a sales career in 1973 then started my own business in 1982, sold that business in 1998. lost my wife to breast cancer in 1998. Got married again in 2000. Started another small business in 2002. Moved to Manson, WA.(Lake Chelan) in 2013 and drive a school bus since then to keep myself young. I have enjoyed the ride for 73 years. The destination is going to be unbelievable but, the journey has been incredible.
Ernest S "Scott" Jepson scottspalapa[at]yahoo.com
Janice "Jan" Jordan jordandocs[at]aol.com After running a small physician recruitment business in Seattle for 12 years, I moved to Hawaii to be near family and work as Regional Recruiter and Workforce Planning Consultant with Kaiser Permanente. Have recently settled in Tucson, AZ, and continue to do consulting work, photography and enjoy life in the desert. I make frequent visits to visit family and grandchildren in San Diego. Would love to hear from classmates.
Marika K "Mary Kay" Keil kmkeil[at]msn.com
Michael Kissler nancyk[at]hotmail.com
Melanie Knight mem069[at]outlook.com Now married to Terry Messenger '62. I would love to hear from old friends and wishing everyone all that is good!
Bruce Larson jblarson2002[at]aol.com
Margaret (Laughland) Brennan Margiebren[at]hotmail.com Schenectady, NY. Moved before graduating. 3 brothers, QA grads, live in NY and MD.
James A. "Jim" Le Penske jimlep3[at]comcast.net I retired from the US Army in 1992 (26 years) and I live with my wife, Carma (Prohaska-Highline HS/class of 1964), in Seahurst, Washington (near Burien). I will retire from State service 2007, and devote more time & energy to help run our small family business. It would be great to hear from QA Alumni and/or families.
Janet (Lipsett) Gindin j.gindin[at]hotmail.com Even though I did not graduate from QAHS, I feel like I am a part of the Class of 1962. My parents moved to Bellevue right before our senior year and I graduated from Sammamish HS. I married right after college and have been with Jeff Gindin for nearly 46 years. We lived in Northern California where I taught school. Moved back to the Seattle area in 1969. Have two children, Jay and Jodi Lyn. We have 6 wonderful grandchildren. Both of us are retired but I still tutor as I love being around the kids. Would love to hear from some of you.
Gene Martini gtmartini[at]yahoo.com I completed my BA at UPS in 1978 (some of us had to take a few extra years). My cost accounting career started at Lockheed Shipbuilding and continued at Boeing. In 1999 the opportunity for early retirement from Boeing presented itself and who could resist. In 2002, I headed south to Arizona for the sunshine. Retirement allows interesting travel, which has included Baja California Mexico and the East Coast, as well as weekly golf. Sandra and I enjoy auto travel in the western states and this year a cruise to Mexico. In Arizona our time is occupied by concerts, plays, high school basketball and football (we are big fans) and chasing Sandra’s four grandchildren from one event to another.
Steve McKee smckee1[at]frontier.com
Roxanne (Merkley) Tillman r.illman[at]comcast.net Director, Special Services, South Seattle Community College
Terry Messenger mem069[at]outlook.com Spending time between Seattle and Ocean Shores.
Franzula I "Dolly" (Moody) Bacher fibacher[at]gmail.com Retired lawyer working as an instructional assistant in a literacy lab at a Title I school. 3 grandsons, 18, 15 and 13. Two with me.
Denis M Morrison whalefang3[at]gmail.com Retired to central Oregon coast (Lincoln City) and started an Airbnb on prompt from my daughter (A'Lise) who did month long Europe trip last year only using them. it's been great fun meeting fellow adventurers.
James A "Jim" Nelson susan.jim368[at]gmail.com Currently living in southern California. Spent time along the way in Anchorage, Alaska and Great Falls, Virginia. Hobbies include gardening, food & wine, horses, western genre and raising dogs.
Teddie Mae (Olson) Bladine teddiemae[at]yahoo.com Ray ('62) and I were married 12/27/07 and now live in Phoenix, AZ. Between us we have 9 kids and 16 grandchildren which keeps us very busy in Phoenix and Modesto, CA where my kids are. We are having such fun with each other and our combined families...retirement is filled with lots of "life". Would love to hear from other QA's.
Sue (Patton) Krolick spkrolick[at]aol.com
Ronda (Reese) Eddleman 16ronda[at]gmail.com Living in Southern California, Maui and Florida
Bob Rogers robert.rogers30[at]comcast.net Auburn, WA. Moved from Danville, CA when I retired after 38 years with Chevron Corp.
Alan H Rowberg arowberg[at]earthlink.net Moved to Spokane in 1957 after one year at QAHS.
Joseph F "Joe" Samione jazzmanjoey[at]yahoo.com Minutes we counted in class each class, the hours we hope would go by faster to move closer to graduation and become an adult. The days we squandered to meet life's goals, To become the boss, or just the best in our fields.years fly by to reach the perfect life. Today we realize that the door is visible, yet now, we finally cherish seconds, minutes, hours, and days and enjoy memories not forgotten and find that a bad choice's takes a wonderful memory not yet lived. To all of you I will never forget the wonderful memories you gave to me in my youth. the social connect for all my friends at QA for providing me pieces of gold in my life...Joe
Bill Scarvie bscarvie[at]gmail.com Sold our toy store in Los Gatos, California, in 2006 and relocated to Bainbridge Island in May of 2007. After an eight-year homecoming for me, we relocated again, this time to Karen's birthplace, Hawaii. Look for us in Kailua (Oahu island).
John H. Schmitt jhschmitt44[at]Gmail.com
Gary L Sivertsen cameracol[at]seanet.com Retired from the Boeing Co. Employee Training organization after 19 yrs, worked in Washington Community System as Dean and teacher in university system and now enjoying retirement. Live here in University Place, during the nice summer months (Yes, that's Tacoma) and spent winter months in Tucson and sometimes in Sun City area. Try to stay active, hike, ride bikes, try to play golf, use my cameras to take pictures (love sunset in SW desert & Slot Canyons) work-out regularly and have great friends. Would love to hear from classmates.
Margy (Slattery) Kotick mkotick[at]comcast.net Las Vegas, NV
Dorothy H (Sotnik) Ackels dackels[at]isp.com I am retired from teaching High School French and Spanish in Seattle and Port Orchard. I enjoy reading, travelling and spending time with my daughters and two grandsons.
Sharon "Sharie" (Sprague) Pursel sharonpursel[at]outlook.com Retired from Nordstrom.com
William D "Doug" Stenberg wdstenberg[at]comcast.net Retired from the Air Force and commercial flying and living in Renton, WA
Eunice (Stoa) Scarfe eunicescarfe[at]hotmail.com Edmonton, Canada
Donna (Surridge) Petelle rdpete62[at]hotmail.com
Sally R (Sutton) Garmon garmoness[at]aol.com
Randi R (Thaden) Tomlin randallrose54[at]msn.com Live in Concrete, Wa. with my husband Mick and our noisy talkative parrot Mickey.
Larry Werelius thehistoryman[at]hotmail.com
Carra Lee "Carrie" (West) Bolger Bolgers[at]gmail.com I live on Lake Sammamish with my husband of 30 years. We are enjoying life and traveling a lot. I am also involved in ministry in our church and in another ministry for teenagers called "Young LIfe". I am still snow skiiing and water skiing, swimming and dancing!! And we are owners of a small ship cruise line, "Cruise West", cruising to Alaska during the summer months and many other destinations during the rest of the year, including Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, the Sea of Cortez, the South Pacific and the Orient. Let me know if any of you are interested in any of these cruises. You can get more information on our web site: www.cruisewest.com.
Carol I (Westberg) Bonenko ajandci[at]hotmail.com I retired from United Airlines after a very rewarding 36 year career, and am now working at Boeing Travel Management Company in the Group and Meeting Planning Department.
I am married to Allen Bonenko('62), and live in Kent. Allen's son David, his wife Jacqueline, daughter Aleksandra (5yrs), and son Benjamin (2yrs) live in Snoqualmie Ridge, only 25 minutes away, so we see them as often as we can.
Allen and I are looking forward to "real retirement" in a few years, and are looking for a place to do so, outside the rat race of too many people and too much traffic.
Donald S. Williams dsw1222[at]earthlink.net Sharing time between Ocean Shores, WA and Indio, CA.
Bill Wilson rainbowfamily[at]comcast.net
Worrall V. "Whip" Wilson woody.wilson[at]cox.net Retired from the Air Force and living in Hampton, Virginia since 1988.
Shirley L. (Woodcook) Williams shirl.williams9[at]gmail.com
Christine Zandbergen zandbergen[at]comcast.net Tacoma WA
L D Zobrist class62[at]qagrizzlies.org Seattle, WA