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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
Kathleen A. "Kathy" (Adams) Kuzmick Need Valid Email 30th Reunion was great! Looking forward to our 40th in 2011 3/19/2007
Richard L "Rick" Anderson Richard_L_Anderson[at]yahoo.com Married 1974 Leslie Dahl(class '71), 4 children. Live in Kent, engineer at Boeing, spent 4 years in Germany 6/7/2011
Sherri L. (Anderson) Johnson young4evr_dei[at]hotmail.com Live in Carnation Wa. The most Beautiful place in all of Washington,the only town with no change. 8/8/2011
Peter D Balch pdbalch816[at]gmail.com Now living in Northern Virginia doing lots of biking and (after 45 years) running again. Trying to connect with my XC buddy Kirk Fechter. 12/13/2015
Frederick C "Rick" Becker, Jr. rickbecker213[at]aol.com Went by Fred in school - prefer Rick now. Still live in Seattle and work at Evergreen-Washelli Funeral Home. 3/12/2011
David A "Dave" Berg david[at]alaskaferry.com Moved to Alaska in '78, now in Petersburg. Started Viking Travel with wife Nancy, whom I met here. www.AlaskaFerry.com 10/22/2007
Geoff Boggs bogas.j[at]gmail.com 10/11/2013
Linda S (Boyle) Macias maciaslady[at]hotmail.com Currently living in Seattle back in the old neighborhood. 12/16/2007
John Brace johnbrace[at]comcast.net If golf's your game - John's my name. 1/12/2008
Gary l Brinkhaus glb953[at]netzero.net 5/12/2007
Brent Campbell kambbul[at]gmail.com 8/3/2005
Karen A (Case) Redfern cruznon2[at]hotmail.com 5/30/2006
Ingrid (Cedergren) Heathcote INGRID.HEATHCOTE[at]GMAIL.COM 4/5/2009
Tage C. Christiansen omwinc[at]harbornet.com Martinis anyone? 8/5/2011
Barbara A Conners conwell[at]shaw.ca Headed north to Canada in 1977 and never looked back! I am a retired Speech/Language Pathologist enjoying a wonderful life on Vancouver Island. 3/28/2016
Kathleen "Kathy" Correll katbox_2000[at]yahoo.com where's allison bach 1/28/2006
Craig M Cottrill CraigCott[at]msn.com 9/16/2018
Cam Covington camcov800[at]centurytel.net Re-tired. Turf sculptor at Kingston's White Horse golf club. 9/22/2018
Vicki S (Cripe) Rydinski vrydinski[at]yahoo.com Have lived in Ballard last 32 years. 8/8/2010
Christine A. "Chris" (Crittenden) Barbour 2012srkw[at]gmail.com Married and lived in Calif. off and on during the 70's.
Returned home to the N.West and raised 3 daughters. Divorced in 1974 ,went back to college and got my AA degree in Radiologic Technology. Living in Edmonds,Wash.and working at Group Health for 9years.
Judith (Crowell) Mallory judith.mallory[at]comcast.net Pleasanton, CA 8/3/2005
Pat Cunningham patcunningham[at]seanet.com 2/25/2011
Leslie A (Dahl) Anderson lesalyne2[at]yahoo.com 6/7/2011
Harold B. "Buzz" Dahlen buzz[at]basketballmaui.com 5/4/2006
Kevin I. Danby kid753[at]gmail.com Ephrata, WA General manager of Rimrock Meadows. See rimrockmeadows.com 7/14/2007
Denise E "Dee" (Evans) Lynch denickite[at]comcast.net Golden retriever owner of Bodie Boy! Look forward to seeing classmates at reunion. 4/16/2011
Roger T Fallihee rogerfallihee[at]gmail.com Seattle 3/27/2016
Kirk M. Fechter k_fechter[at]msn.com Columbia, MD 3/7/2007
Ammie (Felder) Williams afelderwilliams[at]gmail.com Hello, all, after QAHS I graduated from Mills College in California, worked in the Bay Area, from there went to grad school in NYC. I just celebrated 30 years of marriage and have 3 young adult kids. After a stint in marketing and advertising, I sold real estate for 20+ years; currently have a downsizing business called the House Whisperer www.thehousewhispererny.com Please reach out if you're in NY. Of my many siblings, my brother Victor passed away. Billy, Diane, Kirby, Shirley, Steve and Bobby are still in Seattle with their many wonderful children and grandchildren. Be well.
Ammie Felder-Williams
Michael A. "Tony" Feralio mferalio[at]juno.com Was Michael A. in school, M. Tony now 8/3/2005
Tim Foreman Ktim4man[at]gmail.com CW4, USA Ret, Kennewick, WA 3/29/2016
Sharon L (George) Abrahamson abrahamsonjaws[at]hotmail.com 11/8/2009
Linda (Gowey) Cutshall lindac[at]bethanypc.org English and Choir were favorite subjects at QA. Live in Ballard with husband, Mark, 2 kids, 2 cats and one dog.
Work at Bethany Presbyterian Church on QA.
John R Griffiths jgriffiths[at]hawaii.rr.com 2/15/2007
Michael S. Grow michaelgrowcob1[at]hotmail.com 3/5/2013
Mark R Grubbs mgrubbs[at]comcast.net 8/16/2011
Theresa M "Terri" (Hammack) Flores theresamflores[at]prodigy.net Living in the Crown Hill area for the last 26 yrs. Married to Luis - 26yrs, and our daughter Windy (25yrs). 8/22/2007
Remington "Rem" Husted remington.husted[at]gmail.com Married to Jackie Didesse Husted planelove727@msn.com 3/27/2016
Jay E Johnson jayjohnson2703[at]gmail.com My wife Joan and I have been living in Sun Valley, Idaho since 1984. 10/4/2011
Deana (Jolly) Jarrett deanajarrett[at]hotmail.com 8/2/2009
Cynthia A. "Cyndi" Lee cyndi[at]omyoga.com Currently living in central VA. I own Yoga Goodness Studio here and also teach yoga trainings and workshops internationally. My books include "Yoga Body Buddha Mind" and my memoir, "May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga, and Changing My Mind." I am training for ordination as a Zen Buddhist Chaplain. Hope to make it to reunion one day! 3/28/2016
Frank L. Lowe fplowe[at]msn.com 8/3/2005
Paticia L. "Patty" (Mayer) Payne skadaydee[at]hotmail.com 8/29/2011
Julie (McBride) Green jjgreen9[at]comcast.net Married John Green '70 10/7/2005
Linda A (McGill) Hazelton annie981262001[at]yahoo.com 4/11/2008
Susan K. McIntosh smcintosh26[at]comcast.net 8/19/2009
Jodeen L "Jodee" (Montague) Iverson trixie2u[at]live.com I am living in Enumclaw, and have worked for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association for over 30 years as a Project Manager. 3/30/2011
MaryBeth (Nelsen) Wildey marybethwildey[at]mac.com lifelong Seattle native. Teaching in Shoreline for 28 years. Miss Queen Anne, many good memories.... 2/16/2010
Teresa "Terri" Norman tan7154[at]hotmail.com 10/30/2012
Christopher M Nyhus rentco[at]msn.com Married with six children, live in Ballard, Self employed since 1974. 6/1/2011
Beverly S (Odion) Wombacher gbcc3030[at]gmail.com Married Dan in 1977 and moved to Tacoma area. Raised 3 children and now have 2 grandchildren. Worked for Pay'n Save, 28 years in childcare (never saw that coming), women's fitness for 8 years and now retired. I'm a 15 yr cancer survivor. Enjoy going to Florida every Fall to watch my husband and his team play baseball in the Roy Hobbs World Series. 3/28/2016
James V "Jim" Paynton maranee1940[at]comcast.net Recently retired after 40 years in the classroom teaching high school music. 3/28/2016
Jeff Persitz jeff[at]jpai.com 8/3/2005
Kathy J (Petersen) Rohrbach krohrbach[at]msn.com 7/27/2006
Nancy M (Rafferty) Riedel nancyriedel[at]msn.com 8/20/2010
Gary Salonka gsalonka[at]live.com Now retired, I ended up in "IT" from mid-80's 'til I became a Project Mgr. That change brought about a lot of out-of-state jobs til fall of "9/11". Chg'd carers (again) to work in Trans Safety until my health forced me into disability then retirement. Challenging days but so thankful for me kids and a lot of grandkids. I'd truly enjoy hearing from anyone who knew me, "back when!" Phone number and email addr are both listed. 6/25/2015
Paul Simpson psimpson[at]windermere.com Ballard resident. 8/3/2005
Marvin "Marv" Sinderman msinderman[at]hotmail.com Still in Seattle, living on the east side of QA Hill and working for Slalom Consulting, currently in the Public Sector practice. I still miss the sunny days of Phoenix but it has been good to reconnect with some of my HS and College friends. 4/1/2016
Ralph M Tourigny Ral7fun[at]hotmail.com 1/14/2012
Steven Walker walkernear[at]msn.com 8/3/2005
Brom Wikstrom bawikstrom[at]earthlink.net stories and art at website www.bromwikstrom.com 8/3/2005
Christine E. "Chris" (Zobel) Purden cpurden[at]me.com Living life in Southern California since 2000…love it here! 1/11/2010