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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
David C. Alberti dcalberti[at]yahoo.com 10/23/2012
Paul Armitstead armits[at]comcast.net Still living on Queen Anne. 8/3/2005
Gerrit "Bill" Barrere gerrit[at]exality.com Shoreline 8/3/2005
Steven D. Bartkowski Bartkowski7[at]yahoo.com 3/27/2016
Laverne "Bernie" Bowers bernieb3[at]comcast.net Ballard, WA 6/29/2006
Dana L Boyd danalboyd[at]hotmail.com Living in Seattle, Wa with my charming, loving partner of almost 21 years, Phil and I have a wonderful 27 year old daughter who is back in town and working. 4/2/2016
Michael R. "Mike" Burke susanjoyburke[at]live.com Bellevue, WA 1/8/2010
Rob Campbell rob.campbell4[at]frontier.com 8/14/2016
Paul Cathro cathrop[at]live.com 3/12/2011
Richard "Rick" Clark rickufit[at]gmail.com 3/27/2016
Claudia (Cochrane) Kelley Need Valid Email Ballard 1/18/2010
Bruce W Cooley bwcooley[at]comcast.net living in Puyallup, work at Good Samaritan Hospital since 1995, still snow ski, enjoy water sports, whitewater rafting, home improvement, and auto repair.Married since 1983, 2 sons. 3/5/2016
Christy A (Cummings) Lancaster lancasterchristy[at]hotmail.com Still living in Magnolia with Rob ('72). Our son is living in Vancouver BC. 12/10/2009
Linda (Dance) Orme ormefam7[at]gmail.com We live in Carlsbad, CA - north of San Diego - and have five children. 2/27/2012
Phil Danenbauer boeingss[at]hotmail.com Lakeland Hills in Auburn. 35 years Boeing. 5/18/2011
Connie I (Dent) Baker connie_baker[at]ajg.com 9/26/2006
Daylene M Dewey daylened[at]msn.com Corporate Trainer - Live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 3/29/2016
Carl E. Doenitz carldoenitz[at]msn.com Starting a new chapter in my life, moving from Syracuse NY, home of the Golden Snowball award with 182" of snow in the winter of 2010-2011, to St Petersburg Fl. 7/14/2012
F. Gray Drewry gray[at]soest.hawaii.edu Back in the PNW since 2011, living on Elger Bay, Camano Island with my wife Sue, we have two children, Ristin in LA and Nikol in Manhattan. Still in Love and Life is Good. (only because my wife has a great sense of humor) 4/21/2013
Rachel (Eberlein) LaRoche rachel.laroche[at]gmail.com 1/12/2010
Gordon E. Edgar cyber2thdr[at]aol.com Splitting time between Honolulu and Seattle with my wife Toni. We enjoy skiing, golfing, and spending time with our two grand children. 1/5/2011
Michael P Erwin erwinster[at]gmail.com Happily divorced with two sons 28 and 30 years old. Living in Ballard. 6/7/2018
Jan R Fisher PokerFish[at]gmail.com Still living in Las Vegas since 1977. It's all good... am involved in all facets of poker and also charity ventures with PokerGives.org among others. Looking forward to the 2013 reunion and hope to be available then! 12/12/2010
Bob Fordice bobbay[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
William S. "Steve" Gracy Steve.gracy[at]seattle.gov 5/1/2013
James P "Jim" Hanke jimhank114[at]comcast.net 2/5/2013
Wendy (Harness) Gage wendy[at]planman.com Bill and I become empty-nesters in June 2010 when John joins the Stanford basketball team. Emily started UW in fall 2009. Vashon Island is still home. I'm looking into getting my masters at the Center for Creative Change at Antioch University in Seattle. 12/6/2009
Vanessa N. (Haslam) Ness vpixie11[at]msn.com Living in West Seattle, married, 2 children, 1 grand child. Design Engineer at WSDOT for 29 years, almost ready for retirement. Yeaaaaa! 8/17/2013
Duane C. Hauer hanai76[at]frontier.com 3/29/2011
Bonnie (Henry) Bowie bonbowie[at]gmail.com Live in Bellevue with husband Webb; two kids. I am a professor at Seattle University, College of Nursing. 7/13/2012
Heidi Henson barefootheidi[at]mindspring.com Living in Gig Harbor, Washington 12/24/2009
Sheilah M. Horman smhorman[at]yahoo.com Married, one son, currently living in Indiana...working as a software engineer. 6/5/2011
Christopher Hughes motoclass[at]yahoo.com Living in Spokane, WA 4/3/2015
Debra (Hutchens) Bennett aaatcmf[at]msn.com Living in Chehalis with my husband of 25 years. I have one son, 3 stepchildren, and 5 grandchildren. 2/5/2013
Charlene (Ikeda) Pimentel Prncesscgp[at]aol.com Mercer Island, WA 8/3/2005
Bill Jandl bpjandl[at]msn.com 3/28/2016
Gary Kaufmann gary.kaufmann[at]frontier.com Everett, WA 11/19/2015
Christine E "Chris" Kollen lizzykollen[at]comcast.net Married and live in Tucson, AZ for past 25 yrs 4/9/2009
Karl Lampman lampmank[at]charter.net Live in Denton, Texas 6/5/2008
Bev (Lange) Kushell bKushell[at]yahoo.com Issaquah, WA 8/3/2005
Bev (Langstaff) Whippo bevwhippo[at]yahoo.com North Bend to Seattle commute every day! But love the log house my deceased husband built. Now living with my "baby" Great Dane...petite at 100 lbs. 8/8/2006
Marc W Lebhart mwlebhart[at]cableone.net 3/14/2011
Marilyn (Levy) Ryan designmjr[at]comcast.net Kirkland 1/8/2010
Kevin Lewis kevinlewis007[at]comcast.net Seattle, WA 10/3/2005
Kim E (Lewis) Merrick eloise55[at]gmail.com Have been living in rural King County since '98, and teaching in Buckley for 10 years. 1/23/2010
Marilyn (McClellan) White Need Valid Email Married to Ted, QA '71. We live in the Ballard area. Still riding our motorcycles. 8/3/2005
Laureen "Renie" (Mifflin) Davis laureenda[at]yahoo.com Retired and residing in Hansville (near Kingston).
Lost my husband Ken many years ago and my son Zach
is now 27. I'm always looking for traveling partners...
Drew C. Miller dmiller63jr[at]earthlink.net Living happily in San Diego with wife Judy - 4 kids & 2 grandsons draw us up to Vancouver WA each summer. 2/25/2012
Yves Mizrahi mizrahi6[at]comcast.net Seattle, WA 10/16/2007
Patti A "Patti" (Moehring) Burke pburke8000[at]aol.com I am living in Everson, WA with my husband of 31 years. We have 2 married sons and a daughter in her second year at WWU, as well as three grandchildren. We still have family on Magnolia and visit often. 8/2/2010
Akiko "Kiko" (Morioka) Suzuki maty[at]kx.catv.ne.jp Now back in Tokyo, Japan. If you are in the city and having difficulties and in need of help, please contact me. 6/30/2006
Paul Mushkin shymaster[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
Susan J. "Sue" (Neal) Burke susanjoyburke[at]live.com Bellevue, WA 1/8/2010
Tom Neill Tom[at]Finneyneill.com Living in Ballard 8/3/2005
Dorie Nussbaum dorieseattle[at]aol.com hello so its now March 2016 a lot of changes, I lost my dear Jim in Oct 2014, darn alcohol and his addiction took his life at age 70. We were together almost 40 years, very sad for me and kinda wish I had made a different path for my life but O well, living as well as I can at 61, still live in West Seattle and I hope to stay here and have 2 cats only down from many more haha
Hope to see all my class mates at the next mini reunion in September
Leslie (Pannell) Stockdale wayleslie[at]frontier.com 3/8/2010
Rodney S. Randle rod[at]rsrandle.com 7/5/2008
Mary I (Ridgeway) Walls beenchie[at]hotmail.com Living in Texas-come back to visit family when I can. 2 daughters still living here and 8 grandchildren + 2 step grands all still here keeping me busy. 11/10/2009
Jane L (Rooney) Stensland janestensland[at]msn.com Married 35 years to husband Jim; four grown kids (two boys & two girls) and one adorable granddaughter! Real estate agent since 1985, recently returned to college to complete life-long dream of becoming an RN. I've been an "Eastsider" (living in Redmond and Kirkland) since 1979. 9/23/2012
Mary E (Rossi) Wilson mwilsonqa[at]hotmail.com 1/8/2010
Stephen C Running steverunning[at]yahoo.com Whidbey Island 9/18/2011
Jung H. (Shin) Kim jkim01[at]lausd.net Live in Southern California, working for Los Angeles Unified School District since 1980. 10/7/2007
Rebecca A "Becky" Smith rebecca.smith[at]wsj.com Longtime California resident and newspaper reporter. 4/14/2010
Gayle (Sprague) O'Donnell gayle[at]paperpassionista.com Owner of Paper Passionista, Seattle's first exclusively mobile Invitation and Stationery concierge. Living in Renton, WA with my husband, Jim, and our two cats, Oscar and Boo. 9/6/2012
Len "Eric" Stacy stacyericpamela[at]gmail.com Career engineer; married 35+ years to the same gal; 2 children & 3 grandchildren 3/28/2016
Karen Jean Staley kjkirk5060[at]hotmail.com 3/12/2016
Howie W Stalwick howiestalwick[at]frontier.com Retired July 2016 as a sports writer, starting at the Kuay my junior year. Had the world's greatest job (for me) for 44 years. My wife also just retired as a teacher and coach at Central Valley High School in Spokane Valley. We're going to travel and pester our two incredible kids (one of whom lives on Queen Anne) until we're broke, which could be any day now. 8/18/2016
Debra K. Stebbins sewwhat55[at]hotmail.com 4/19/2012
Diane (Stief) Burton dianeellenb[at]aol.com living in edmonds 1/17/2010
Brian J. Supalla Need Valid Email Married high school sweetheart Marlene Brown; we're in northern Arizona now. 12/18/2010
Ken Tackett KTACK174[at]Comcast.net 3/6/2006
Cathy J Thiem cjthiem[at]yahoo.com 3/24/2008
Jay A Thompson jtguns[at]comcast.net Living in Burien, Still up on the hill visiting friends and parents. 5/25/2010
Janis L "Lynn" (Van Dusen) Forester l4ster[at]hotmail.com Living in Claremont, California since 1975. Work at the local high school in the student activities office. Have 4 married children, 7 granddaughters 3 grandsons and the same great husband I married 40 years ago. 3/28/2016
Kathy L. (Wright) Schumer kshoom[at]comcast.net Have been married since 1975. Have 3 grown kids and 3 grandkids. Just moved to South Everett after living 30 years in the same house near Mill Creek, WA. 5/17/2011
Curtis S "Curt" Yamamoto curtyamamoto[at]yahoo.com 10/6/2005
Howard L. Young Need Valid Email Have gone back to school for yet another degree, can't seem to stop going to school, this one will be for an RN license and I'll be joining my wife as a nurse. I suspect this will be my last career change. When finished i have been giving much thoughto coming back home. Have to see how that goes. Would love to get into the golf tourneys as I have had a lot of time to play golf here in the desert. 8/3/2005
Mark, A Zorich mzorich[at]comcast.net Use same site for Kimberly (Newell) Zorich. 3/12/2009