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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
Sunshine "Sunny" (Armstrong) Hanson sunny77us[at]comcast.net 12/25/2015
Kathryn R (Arndt) Akita kathrynakita[at]hotmail.com 3/12/2010
Rebecca S Arnold barnold[at]sdccd.edu 1/17/2015
John G Beauchamp john.beauchamp[at]audaxllc.com Only student to have attended faculty meeting (Bill [Butler] was surprised to see that I had taken his chair)
First student to call all faculty members by their first name- including Bill [Butler]. Only student to have pushed faculty towards an Open Campus program ('74), And World Champion Frisbee Distance 96.5 yards '74.
Steve Berg sberg[at]naeh.org Moved after sophomore year. Now living in DC area. Went through Magnolia Elem. and Blaine Jr. High. 8/3/2005
Tom Bol slowwater514[at]aol.com 10/18/2013
Linda K. (Brice) Doyle ldoyle3811[at]gmail.com 5/30/2008
Rick F. Buchheit cdafour.rb[at]gmail.com Living in Coeur D Alene, ID. Recently divorced and remarried to a Canadian from Edmonton, Alberta. Future residence TBD 3/16/2017
Stan Burwell stanburwell[at]hotmail.com Edmonds 6/15/2006
Cyndi J (Carlson) Parlin Omycheyenne[at]wavecable.com Live in Marysville. Retired from Lakewood School District. Currently a dispatcher for Smokey Point Concrete. 3/27/2016
Grant R. Clayton gclayton[at]chcpat.com Grant is a Registered Patent Attorney with Clayton, Howarth & Cannon, P.C. an IP boutique law firm based in the suburban area of Salt Lake City, Utah. Grant and his colleagues provide all aspects of intellectual property and technology law representation including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret representation to clients in all regions of the U.S. and all over the world. 3/28/2016
Vicky L Copher smallonebear[at]yahoo.com 10/26/2010
Megan "Meegan" (Danby) Ostler megd51[at]gmail.com Married and living in Allyn WA. 1 stepson graduate of MIT
Marshall "Scott" Douglas scott.douglas149[at]yahoo.com Have moved to Blaine, Wa. 1/1/2019
Opal (Dowell) Fernandez Opallapo[at]comcast.net Maple Valley, WA 8/3/2005
Debbie (Drexel) Slotvig debslotvig[at]hotmail.com 8/3/2005
Lani G (Duncan) Glasser Ld.glasser[at]gmail.com Left Kirkland in 2016 after 27 years and moved to Everett. 6/18/2018
Sue (Erwin) Felix suefelix[at]wavecable.com Single, living in Port Orchard....would love to hear from old friends. 3/11/2009
Renee C "Renee" Evans humingbead[at]gmail.com Life is very good! 8/13/2009
Peggy (Gjerset) Campbell notmargret[at]hotmail.com Still in Seattle, still having fun 1/7/2009
Judy Hammack newspiritjc[at]hotmail.com 4/4/2008
Gregory Hanson tmesis[at]msn.com Moved to Issaquah after sophomore year.
Living near Seward Park in Seattle
Shelley D Hartman shelleyatc[at]yahoo.com Retired and loving it! Living in the Seattle area! Open to hearing from old classmates! 2/22/2016
Henry Heerschap henry[at]heerschap.com Married to Lauren (Haight) Heerschap '75. Living in Shoreline, WA. 3/27/2016
Robert "Bobby" Hendries visualizeballard[at]yahoo.com 3/8/2008
Mark W. Holcomb mwhenterprise[at]aol.com Hi QA's, I have moved to sunny calf. where I will no longer rust, I will tan!

Lake Elsinore is where I call my home now. This is 30 min. east of Dana Point, and 60 miles north of San Diego. I still drive truck for LOWE'S, still married 25yr's., still have 4 kids, and yes I still have a boat or two. I am looking forward to our reunion and seeing all of you that come to it.
Mark F Horman ak1doorservice[at]yahoo.com in alaska since 1984 8/24/2011
David B Howard dbeach41[at]hotmail.com living in Beaumont Texas, love the sunny warm days here. 3/18/2012
John F. James Reord[at]msn.com Hi, everyone. Hope to see ya at #40. I was never a math-whiz; but isn't 40 more than twice the age of a Senior in HS?


Shawna A. (Johnson) Feiock feiockm1[at]gmail.com Living in Marysville
Cheryl (Johnson) Ross cherylross605[at]gmail.com 12/9/2008
Anne M. (Johnston) Jacobs djacobs9987[at]msn.com 9/26/2008
Eileen (Kearley) Blake teandtblake[at]msn.com Seattle, WA 8/3/2005
John F. Koch chefrainbow[at]yahoo.com Happy,Happy,Happy! Principles before Personalities. 12/25/2013
James "Tom" Lange lange.j[at]comcast.net Seattle 8/3/2005
Laurie E (LaPoe) Beaver laurie.beaver[at]comcast.net Once a Grizzly always a Grizzly! 12/29/2009
Cameron M Leuthy cmleuthy[at]gmail.com Only get back to Seattle once a year but miss the mountains. QA gave me a great start, confidence boost for which I'm grateful. Have had a great career in D.C. in and out of federal govt. as a national security/budget expert. Currently writing analyses for Bloomberg Government. Wife Jennifer is operatic soprano. 7/14/2013
Joanne (Lewadnuk) O'Dwyer jlodwyer[at]yahoo.com Residing in beautiful North Idaho for the past 20 years. Married to Roger, with 4 grown children. 8/3/2005
Dallas Lorain dallaslorain[at]outlook.com Retired and loving it. Living in Tacoma. 4/16/2018
Carl M Lovgren jclovgren[at]comcast.net Living in Edmonds with wife Jennifer kids Karly 12 and Brenna 5. Also playing in 80's rock band. All mixed up.
Pamela B. "Pam" Maas pamelabelle11[at]gmail.com Looking forward to catching up with you at our 40 year reunion. 12/27/2013
Michael B. Mayhle atiagency[at]msn.com 5/9/2014
Lori A (Medley) Reinhall lareinhall[at]hotmail.com Currently living near Leschi Marina in Seattle. 12/6/2006
Alice M "Alice" Miller miller-gt[at]hotmail.com Chelan has been home since 1983, married to Mike, 2 adult sons
Darrel D. Montzingo darrelmontzingo[at]gmail.com Teaching in my 31st year in the Seattle Schools:1st 12 years Adaptive PE Specialist all through the Northend K-12 and the last 18 years at Roosvelt HS in Physical Ed. Also, coaching Men & Women's golf for 22 years and Women's gymnastics for 3 years. 3/6/2010
Nancy J. (Murray) Rowland njrowland[at]comcast.net Living in Ballard. Working at a sports therapy clinic. 4/2/2007
Melody (Nichols) Stenerson stenersonmel[at]yahoo.com Manson, WA 8/3/2005
Carol L (Passtelyak) Willis cmclwillis[at]cox.net 4/5/2014
Robert "Bob" Peterson seattlesfavorite[at]hotmail.com Living in Federal Way. Went to QA in 72 & 73. 74 at Interlake in Bellevue. 7/27/2014
David O. Rice drice4444[at]me.com San Antonio, TX 4/23/2009
Edward D "Ed" Robinson robinsonranch1[at]att.net Live in Barnesville, GA now. 3/29/2016
Sharon A Ross rahssharo[at]gmail.com Happily back in Magnolia. Retired from Federal Government career. Single again now, 3 kids grown & 3 wonderful grandkids. 3/30/2019
Patty Sawyer patty.ethen[at]gmail.com Back in Seattle for good! 11/17/2008
Melanie J. "Mel" (Sceva) Hill mulberry_wa[at]yahoo.com Divorced after 20 yr marriage, living on Whidbey Island (and probably always will). Graduated from UW 1986 with a BS Mechanical Engineering degree but traded in the high stress commuters life to live a more quiet, lower stress life on the island, raising alpacas, spinning yarn from their fleece, weaving and other fiber arts crafts. One 18 yr. old daughter, Kassandra Althea Hill. Find us on FaceBook! 12/13/2010
Robert "Bob" Seay robertseay[at]comcast.net Seattle. Wife Linda. Daughter Laura. Hobby: guitar 12/26/2007
Paul J. Sharron pbjsharron[at]hotmail.com Hellooooooo everyone! 5/17/2009
Ric Shrewsbury ric[at]weslandllc.com Retired and loving it, I should have done it years ago 8/25/2018
Gary R Sprague spraguegr[at]aol.com 2007 took job with City of Seattle, June 2010 took federal job in Sacramento, CA 2 daughters, one graduated from UW 2010. My wife Lisa, is an RN. 8/16/2010
Jolene (Steck) Lynch jnslynch[at]comcast.net 8/10/2009
Cynthia Taylor sabah[at]aldhaher.net Remember that really smart, funny, pretty girl? I had the locker right next to hers. 8/3/2005
Judy A. "Jude" Turner judyt121[at]gmail.com Anything going on? I am moving to Hawaii in 2009 so I would really like to attend the 2008 picnic. 2/7/2008
Steve Wallin stwallin[at]gte.net Dallas, TX 8/3/2005
Don Ward Need Valid Email Name change. I'm Buz Lawson now. Novelist living in Houston, TX. 6/15/2009
Diane L (Webber) McIntosh dianemcin50[at]gmail.com 6/30/2011
Aileen Wedvik aileen.wedvik[at]gmail.com Married, one daughter, nurse practitioner. Live in Edgewood (right next to Puyallup) 2/21/2010
Nancy A (Wood) Lebhart nanital1[at]cableone.net 3/14/2011
Jack L Wright graywolfkayak[at]gmail.com 3/28/2016
Stan Yantis syantis[at]northmasonschools.org 2/10/2008