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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
Carl Andersen 2carlosandersen[at]gmail.com Married 14 years to lovely wife Toni. Two step kids one awesome grandson. 15 years with state Ecology as first responder hazmat. Spent two weeks at Oso landslide response doing hazmat oversight for search crews. Love to bird! 1/4/2015
Wade Ball olgacreek[at]gci.net 8/3/2005
Phillip Baugh pgratton1[at]cox.net San Diego 8/3/2005
Molly (Beamish) Kirkpatrick mollykirkpatrick[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
Laurel (Bowers) Shull LaurelShull[at]comcast.net I live in Tenino, WA with my husband, John. We love our no-stop light town and our excellent well water. The nearest town with cultural activities, Olympia, has the best of both worlds. They don't know what traffic is and they have Drees - my favorite shop, anywhere! 4/15/2010
Melanie (Buck) Whitehead melaniej[at]spu.edu Richmond Beach, WA 8/3/2005
Richard A "Rich" Carlson husky_rich[at]hotmail.com Semi-retired and living in Prescott, AZ. Really enjoy the small town atmosphere and sunny days. 3/28/2016
Dina Carrabba Carrabba.Dina[at]gmail.com Still a horse-lady. One handsome son. Widowed. Married a doctor:) (a psychologist who practiced in the Medical-Dental building, downtown. Living near Oso for 30 years. (And wish I'd seen Carl while he worked on cleaning up the landslide. The farrier who died in it was on her way to do my horses' hooves that fateful morning.) Otherwise, life is good ;) 4/1/2016
Chris (Cheshier) Gunderson christinegunderson[at]hotmail.com Gilbert, AZ

married, three kids. I work and am entertained as an RN in a school.
Pamela Y Chinn cyp135[at]yahoo.com 5/13/2006
Susan M (Clark) Cassidy cassidyfam[at]hotmail.com We live in Wilsonville, Oregon, have two daughters 16 and 17. We grow fruit and raise llamas. 8/30/2006
Catherine (Conarroe) Soffner cicimauidesigns[at]gmail.com Maui, Hawaii 8/3/2005
Dan Crittenden dan.crittenden[at]caliberhomeloans.com 1/15/2015
Clifford Dean eyesburning[at]msn.com 8/3/2005
David Dewey qagrizzly[at]yahoo.com Beautiful urban Everett. 8/3/2005
Sue (Duran) Pegram zuzusue[at]hotmail.com Married to David a retired Navy Captain. 2 sons: Kyle, 23, at WWU and Derek, 20, a com'l pilot on Maui. Loving my job at the Tacoma School District. Enjoy of class of '75 gatherings. 1/26/2016
Melissa D (Durfee) Davis melissa[at]davispartners.net Spouse: Gerald Davis (QAHS 1974) 3/28/2016
Robert Eastwood Need Valid Email 8/3/2005
James E Fisler jimmyfizzy[at]yahoo.com Living in Bothell, survived stage 3c Colorectal Cancer.
Gordon C. Forguson Need Valid Email In Federal Way now for sixteen years. How time flies.
Still married, three children, one's moved out.
Will celebrate 30 years at Boeing this week !
#75 Class of 75 !
Linda K. (Fulkerson) Willanger lindawillanger[at]comcast.net Attended the 100th Anniv lunch with Q.A.Teachers. My father and mom enjoyed the Queen Anne celebration; they live in Wenatchee. I encourage anyone to join the next lunch or QA event. 8/8/2010
Michael O. Gallagher Mogall64[at]hotmail.com 1/19/2007
Rick K Geving skgrkg[at]msn.com 9/10/2009
Lisa (Gowdy) Merrill lisamerrill12[at]msn.com Living in Iowa City, IA My husband, Christopher (a writer), directs the International Writing Progam at U of IA. We have two girls, 10 and 15. We have lived a number of different places over the years and I have pursued a career as a violinist. Will miss seeing all of you for the reunion! Hope to visit Seattle sometime soon. 9/6/2010
Laura (Grant) Horner llhohio[at]msn.com 3/28/2016
Debbie K (Gunville) Hartman dhar105751[at]aol.com 10/31/2005
Kelly L. (Hagerty) Pratt kpratt428[at]comcast.net Puyallup, WA 3/28/2016
Lauren (Haight) Heerschap lauren[at]heerschap.com Retired teacher. Married to Henry Heerschap '74 since 1981, living in Shoreline, WA. Four grown kids, three grandchildren. 3/27/2016
Janet (Hansen) Hoch janeth[at]century21promotions.com 8/3/2005
Joseph W Hartman jwhartmanbk[at]aol.com Moved to Puyallup 2017 10/4/2017
William Hedreen Whedreen[at]gmail.com 3/29/2016
Verle "Gene" Helsel ghelsel58[at]gmail.com I live in Wenatchee, WA. I am married and have four grown children. I have pastored a small church here in Wenatchee for the last ten years. I snowboard at Mission Ridge in the winter and wakeboard on the Columbia in the summer. 9/24/2008
Hollie (Horton) Sanders teacherhollie[at]gmail.com Living in Kent with my wonderful husband and classmate, Dick Sanders. 1/5/2010
Cathy Johnston catjohnston717[at]msn.com I live in Seattle with my partner, Jeff. We are both pilots, love to run and exercise and enjoy traveling. 10/16/2010
Jim Leach Tiger0908[at]aol.com 8/3/2005
Doug Lockhart dlockhart9[at]yahoo.com Puyallup 5/15/2006
Emmett Lusher eelusher[at]aol.com Cheyenne, WY 8/3/2005
Jeanne (McCullough) Benecke jmac57[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
James McDougall jamesmcd[at]earthlink.net Married Lyndi - a Chief Sealth ('76 grad) in 1980. We live near Maple Valley. Raised 4 children - boy, girl, girl, boy - first 3 are married and live near by, youngest to be married in the Fall. Now have 7 grandchildren (8-6-6-4-3-1-1) who bring me joy every day.
What's happened to us Class of 75? The time has flown by!
Charles McGlone chasdancer[at]yahoo.com Seattle, WA 8/3/2005
Jeanette (Metzon) Calderon calderonjm[at]aol.com Lake Forest Park, WA 8/3/2005
Susan (Nollan) Schillios Schillios[at]hotmail.com 8/3/2005
Julie (Norris) Haney bluknite[at]q.com Married to Frank (Mike) Haney QA Class 1976, Work Nursing at Harrison Hospital Bremerton. We have three grown children and eight grandchildren. Love to travel. 7/28/2009
Elizabeth "Lizann" (Powers) Hammond powers[at]wsu.edu Kennewick, WA 11/14/2007
Casey A. (Raymond) Gibson caseyg001[at]gmail.com 7/31/2011
Barb D (Read) Joseph barb-jo[at]msn.com Still living in Seattle, selling residential real estate for over 25 years. Would love to help QA alum's with any real estate transactions or questions. 4/24/2012
Gregory M. Robinson gmrobinson[at]comcast.net Currently living on Bainbridge Island, director and curator of Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. 3/27/2016
Bill Robson robsonwt[at]hotmail.com Retired and living in beautiful Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak. Enjoyed the 40th Reunion. It was a first class affair and look forward to future dates. 1/16/2016
Richard "Dick" Sanders rjsanderscpa[at]aol.com CPA. Living in Kent with my beautiful wife Hollie, also a classmate. Currently restoring my Sunbeam Alpine in my spare time. 6/4/2008
Valerie (Seibel) Schueler valeagles[at]hotmail.com Always fun to catch up with everyone from 73 to 78..QA was a very special place with lots of great memories 😊 3/27/2016
Sofia C (Stephas) Kenny sofia710[at]gmail.com 2/22/2008
Charles Sullivan Jr. csully_75[at]yahoo.com Bi Coastal;Living in North Jersey about 25 miles outside of NYC, in Seattle about 3-4 months a year 10/20/2011
Cindy A (Swain) Sannes cindy1020[at]aol.com Would love to hear from other classmates. Work in Magnolia live in Sea-Tac 3 children 1 brand new granddaughteer 8/27/2006
Patti (Trotter) Godot pattigodot[at]gmail.com 10/30/2005
Dawn Upchurch upchurch[at]ucla.edu 8/3/2005
Diane T Voiland dianevoiland[at]gmail.com 3/27/2016
Andrea (Vorwerk) Giles allegro1957[at]aol.com Seattle, WA 8/3/2005
Theresa "Tess" (Wagner) Wentz arlomom[at]yahoo.com My husband, Dale and I run an online bookstore and live in Keizer, Oregon. Hoping to find information about our great German teacher, Richard E. "Dick" Young. 1/8/2007