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Many alumni have requested an e-mail directory so as to be able to contact "lost" friends. We hope to enable many side conversations and some mini-reunions.

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Name E-mail Address Comment
Robert J. "Bob" Barkley rjbj[at]comcast.net
Jeff Bartlett jbart1016[at]hotmail.com Lake Oswego, Oregon
Denise Bedayan Denise[at]paley.com I am living in the house on Magnolia that I grew up in. Currently teaching elementary school.
Debbie Biback djbiback[at]gmail.com I graduated from Queen Anne Counterbalance Program in 1975.  I regret to say I closed the doors on the Counterbalance Program, because of lack of funding What else?

We had the most inspiring teachers at Counterbalance. They had to think on the feet, and be able to change the direction of a conversation at any time. My heroes at Queen Anne HS were Dave Brubaker, and Mark Kabush.

Anyone from Queen Anne Counterbalance Program from 1973-75, can contact me.
Bradley Bleck bleckb3[at]comcast.net Spokane, WA
Denise E (Bourque) Van Ostrand Requested Withheld My husband and I recently relocated to live with our daughter in West Virginia.
CYNTHIA A "CINDY" (COE) ZARING czaring[at]msn.com
Dave V. Crumbo crumbod[at]gmail.com Married to Sharon (Meador) for almost 30 years. Living in Anacortes for the last 23 years. Three kids, waiting for grandkids! Started a coffee shop in Anacortes (Trestle Coffee Company) last year.
Jeff Cummings jeff[at]allrecipes.com Kenmore, WA
Marilyn L. (Darling) Kunz simflyer04[at]comcast.net
Blanche "Shayla" (Davis) Frank shaylafrank09[at]comcast.net Blanche Davis- I now use middle name
"Shayla" Frank married name although(divorced)
Teresa Glasscock samteg[at]hotmail.com
Mike Haney bluknite[at]q.com Wife: Julie (Norris)Haney, QA Class of 1975. I work for the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office. 3 Children, 9 Grandchildren. Served in US Army.
Howard "Howie" Hughes hhughes[at]proclub.com Living in Monroe lovin life
David Johnson slowhanddave[at]q.com Living in Tacoma Wa. Married, 3 Daughters 2 sons and 8 Grandchildren and 1 on the way.
Patty L (Johnson) Romero pattyro39[at]gmail.com
Eric King lartzking[at]yahoo.com I live in Neenah Wisconsin. Seattle seems so big now. I make pottery and restore Italian motorcycles.
Sara (Laney) Caldwell sara_caldwell[at]outlook.com Still love living in Seattle!
Thomas V Layborn tom.sue.monaco[at]gmail.com
Michael Ledray mikeledray[at]yahoo.com Living in So. California since @1980
Still riding motorcycles (now Harley Davidsons)
Married with a 23 year old daughter and 4 year old Grandson
David P. Leuthy david.leuthy76[at]gmail.com
Bruce C. Lougheed playandfish[at]yahoo.com Living on Whidbey Island. Retired once, now working with Island Home Nursing. Married, 2 Daughters and 3 Grandchildren.
Robert S. Lucke 407warren[at]gmail.com
Kristi (Madsen) Ess Argenkennels[at]t-online.de Living in Germany since 1989, two grown kids. Get back to the Pacific NW annually.
John Mayenburg johnmayenburg[at]msn.com Juneau Alaska, commercial fisherman Alaskan waters, Alaska marine highway system (AK ferry) USCG licence 500 ton skipper limited, USCG licence able body seaman unlimited.
Barry K. McConnell barry[at]nwwishes.org Working at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Married with two duaghters Claire(17)and Julie(14). Still love living in Seattle.
Lynn (Miller) Ebert CSeaSerene[at]aol.com Snohomish, WA
Guy P Mosley guidoco21[at]comcast.net
Randy Nelson renelson37[at]comcast.net Fairfield, CA
Daniel J Nutley dan.nutley[at]gmail.com Living in Camarillo, California, near my three sons. Also near my brother Paul and his family. Computer Consultant.
Melinda (Palmer) Erickson melindaerickson[at]hotmail.com
Brian Pickard bpickard7564[at]gmail.com Port Orchard, WA
Juanita Quiban JandAQuiban[at]comcast.net Seattle, WA
Julie Rafferty raffertyjulie[at]hotmail.com
LaRae (Rajamaki) McGirr Laraemcg[at]gmail.com
Christine (Robirds) Ruiz ruiz_enterprises[at]hotmail.com
Jeffrey M. Sayre jeff[at]sayrelawoffices.com Seattle
Nancy Scheibel n.scheibel[at]comcast.net
Jerald Sharp jwsharp[at]cox.net Tucson, AZ
Lisa (Vinup) Ketcham lisaketcham[at]hotmail.com Sunnyvale, CA
George Wabey gwabey[at]gmail.com
Lynn (Ward) Wingard lynn[at]wardcocpa.com
Tom Zorich thmszrch[at]gmail.com Seattle, WA