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Voluntary Web Directory

Many alumni have requested an e-mail directory so as to be able to contact "lost" friends. We hope to enable many side conversations and some mini-reunions.

Wary of "spamming," the QAHSAA Board has agreed to provide such a directory with the reservations that only those who complete the Directory Sign-up Form or e-mail us with express permission to post their names and e-mail addresses will be added to the directory. Please use the sign-up form to also make corrections (such as e-mail changes) or to remove yourself. To return to the main Directory page, click here.

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Name E-mail Address Comment
Paul R Abbott 12iknowu[at]gmail.com Hello! I live in Ellensburg, and work at an elementary school.
Tyler Bach tylerbach[at]ymail.com I am looking forward to our 30th reunion.
Michael Berg targys77[at]gmail.com
Victor E "Vic" Bloomfield vic-jeni[at]juno.com
Dale Bradbury Need Valid Email Not running anymore---cycling instead! Looking forward to our 30th.
Janeil M (Bullat) Peary janeilpeary[at]gmail.com
LYDELL J "Ole" Carlson OleCarlson59[at]gmail.com Living in Ballard with my wife Marga and my daughter Katelyn is attending Blanchet
Lynda L. (Chase) Thompson Lyndachase[at]aol.com Best regards to everyone! Hope to see you at the reunion next year!
Diane (Chidgey) McNelly diane[at]sassysuds.com
Mike Church mikechurch[at]hotmail.com Moved to California for senior year.looking to connect with classmates. Retired early in the Oregon Cascades.. Peace
John R. Dance dance[at]byu.net After being away for almost 20 years, we now have been in Redmond since 1996. Go Grizzlies!
Sandy Duvall srdsells[at]aol.com Are we going to have a reunion one of these days? Hi to all!
Robert R "Bobby" Fisher robertraefisher[at]comcast.net Long time Seattle native{Born@Swedish Hospital on capital hill}
Still live in the area{north Ballard}
Musician/carpenter-Gen Contractor
Yes Still have the hair lol
Torben O Goodhope tgoodhope[at]yahoo.com Now living in West Seattle.
Cornelia H "Connie" (Heitz) Gauger cornyquilts44[at]yahoo.com
Betsy (Holcomb) Small psd.atrainhouse[at]yahoo.com "Come on everybody let pull together our class REUNION, it's just around the corner"!. '77 Rules RAH,RAH!.
Just moved back to the Great North West, after living in Nevada for the past six years. I'm living in Ballard and it would be nice to make some contacts.
Karen (Jones) Ramsey ramseykj[at]gmail.com
Nancy P (Kiplinger) McCann NPKIP[at]Comcast.net Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion!
David R. Koch drk4sberg[at]aol.com Seattle (Magnolia)
Yvonne (LaHara) Bushong yvonneb4va[at]gmail.com Comment: Aloha and Hui Hou!
My Mom moved to Honolulu in the 70s and I followed, then returned to Seattle 10-12th for QA Grad 1977. I returned to Honolulu where I joined the US Air Force, previous lived in Reston, VA then 2014 returned to Honolulu as my step dad had been ill and past in May 2015 so I stayed there until Sep 2015 and returned work in DC Metro area and now reside in Vienna VA. I will be visiting my Mom in Honolulu this summer.
Sandie Ledray sandieledray[at]comcast.net
Carolyn J (Leir) Smith carolynj3[at]comcast.net
Paul R. Leistner prleistner[at]gmail.com Still living in "Portlandia" with wife Amy and daughter Alexa.
Lawrence A "Lar' Bear" Lewis larryalewis[at]hotmail.com Hey, all! Now in Shoreline with wife, Marie and son Alex. Still drawing.
Candy J (Loar) Carey cancare1205[at]msn.com Living in Puyallup,Wa. Looking forward to our 30th reunion
Alana Marston alanamarston[at]ymail.com
Brenda L. Matteson brenma[at]earthlink.net Living currently in L.A.
Alley S (McDougall) Greymond intentionalalley[at]gmail.com
John F. McFarland johmcf28[at]msn.com Duvall, WA
Lori A (Mosley) Fregin LFregin[at]aol.com Everett WA
Mark H. Newell mhnewell[at]comcast.net Seattle
Erik L Nutley erik[at]nutley.org Living in Burke, Virginia with my wife, Mawi. Retired from the Air Force and work at the Pentagon as a DOD civilian. Go Grizzlies!
Linda J (Paulsen) Jones linda.jones[at]hilton.com We have moved to La Quinta California, still missing rain though.
Edgar Pitre epitrejr[at]msn.com I'm still here in Seattle and saving lives at Harborveiw Medical Center.
Christine (Pringle) Shreve christineshreve[at]gmail.com
Jefferson C Rubicam jackchatham1959[at]gmail.com Want to get in touch with Kristi Mcmanus, Andy Jenkins, Laurie, Fox, anyone who knew me
Greg Schreiber shrybe[at]yahoo.com Ballard
Joan "Joni" (Speer) Rogers Joan.rogers[at]gmail.com I returned to the northwest in 2014 after 22 years in Oklahoma. We are presently living in Maple Valley.
Lenville Patrick "Pat" (Stephenson) O'Donnell venividi1[at]gmail.com Back in Seattle after many years in L.A. I have a 6 year-old daughter (b2007), anybody beat that?
Mark Stief BlueSky235[at]gmail.com
Sherrie Sturlaugson sherriesturlaugson[at]hotmail.com
Katie M "Katie" (Van Mason) Kusske katie.kusske[at]comcast.net
I am retired and enjoying living life with my husband Dave of 28 years! We live In University Place (Tacoma).
Our two children are going to be 25 and 28 this summer.
Cheri L (Versoi) Hughes bob.cheri59[at]yahoo.com I am married and living in upper Michigan. We own a small motel called White House Motel. www.whitehousemotel.com
JANE (WHITLOCK) HINRICHS janesdell[at]gmail.com Had a great time at the 30th, It was fun catching up. Take good care everyone, c-ya in 10 !
William C. "Carl" Wineland geoedna1[at]Frontier.com
Dianna L (Wormley) Bottoms ddbottoms[at]att.net I moved in the senior year and did not graduate with the class but would like to contact old friends.