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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
John K. Anderson johnkarlanderson[at]yahoo.com 9/19/2009
Laurie Anderson laurie1979[at]gmail.com 7/25/2013
Barbara J "Barb" (Arns) Krell barr79hh[at]yahoo.com 3/2/2009
L. Noelle (Bach) Sturtevant noelle_sturtevant[at]msn.com Live on Queen Anne (two blocks from school). Have a beautiful 11 year old daughter at McClure. Already stressing where she will attend High School! 3/22/2009
Michael S "Mike" Bennett mike[at]frostbennett.com I've been in New England for 25 years, the last seven in Longmeadow, MA where I am Senior Pastor of the UCC church. A milestone this year was sending our first child off to college. 3/23/2009
Kelli R (Bline) Hembree kellirae2917[at]yahoo.com Living in Kent, Wa. Working at Continental Van Lines for the past 8 years. Have one son that will be a senior at Oregon State University 09-10 and another boy graduating HS this year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion! 4/26/2009
Carol Bollard carol96738[at]yahoo.com 12/13/2007
Stacy "Annette" Brittain sabrittain[at]idiom.com 8/3/2005
Robin M (Bruhn) Eckmann rmeckmann[at]yahoo.com Living in Anchorage, Alaska. I spent 26 years in Eastern Washington before moving northward so my husband could join his father in a family business. I have three kids and, after years as an assistant prosecutor, am happy being a stay at home mom. 1/29/2009
Salvatore "Tory" Bruno tory1[at]me.com Tory is currently the CEO of United Launch Alliance 1/8/2017
Carrie M. (Buchheit) Lee leefarm2[at]aol.com Didn't get to graduate from QA after living a block from it for 9 years, but love seeing all the folks I knew.
Live in Fall City with my husband Dean & two great kids
Own Lee Farm & Nursery.
Enjoy the country and get back to the city every chance I can.
Angela M. Burton aburton[at]wyoming.com I have been living in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming since 1984. I am married and have one awesome daughter who is in kindergarten this year (2008). Guess you could say we started late on having a family! We all like to ski, camp, hike, etc. Life is good! 11/14/2008
Betsey (Busch) Fausset Teamfausset[at]gmail.com 1/15/2015
Eric R. Chaves ericc[at]allpointsheating.com Livin' on Lake Goodwin with my HOT! wife, two cool kids & havin' a blast! 3/30/2008
Eric J Christenson eric[at]apexmediaseattle.com 3/14/2009
Michael S Cloud mcloud786[at]aol.com 10/1/2011
Mary Cooke mecooke09[at]gmail.com 8/3/2005
William Crichton wpc9508[at]yahoo.com Married 26 yrs; 3 kids; Old daughter at NW Christian. Taipei was best junket ever. 9/21/2009
Kurt A Denke kurtdenke[at]gmail.com 7/8/2006
Mike J Doyle black58tbird[at]hotmail.com La Conner, Wa 8/21/2011
Dan Evans acudanevans[at]gmail.com Phoenix, AZ 11/24/2008
Cynthia E. "Cindy" (Fowler) Malone c.e.malone[at]comcast.net Living in Blue Ridge, (just north of Ballard), with my husband, son and dog. Software Development Manager. I'm missing the reunion - again ... 9/22/2009
Patricia C Francisco PatriciaC61[at]whidbey.com Living on beautiful Whidbey Island. 7/9/2006
Lily A. (Gilje) Willson salish95[at]comcast.net Married, Two girls 9 and 12 and living in Redmond, WA.
QA Alumni Assoc. has added me to the mailing list-- I left mid Jr. yr. Look forward to hearing about any reunion!
Amy H (Gilje) Jacqmin Jacqmin[at]aol.com Lost touch when I dropped out to get a G.E.D. instead. Turns out, that's all that's required for Govn't work, so for the last 18 years, that's what I've been up to. And you? 1/24/2009
Myra K (Gratis) Adams myedadams[at]frontier.com Living just north of Magnolia in Richmond Beach. 12/9/2008
Steve Hall shall[at]pointconsulting.us Wildlife biologist and environmental consultant, living and working in Seattle's Belltown - about a mile from QAHS. 10/25/2005
Randall M. Holt RandallHolt[at]comcast.net 12/10/2008
Susan V. (Ingman) Scheel susanischeel[at]sbcglobal.net 7/27/2006
Bruce Johnson Bgj[at]uw.edu 3/27/2016
Michelle M (Johnson) Crowell crowell_2[at]hotmail.com 3/28/2016
James A. Keilman jameskeilman[at]hotmail.com I'm married to my beautiful wife Sara and have a daughter named Charlie Sofia Ananiah who was born at 26 weeks and weighed only 1 lb. 11 oz. she is our miracle girl... 11/25/2010
Greg Kelly greg.kelly[at]qbsi-xerox.com Still livin in Magnolis... 3/28/2016
Joni (Kohler) Lookabaugh jolook[at]comcast.net Federal Way, WA 2/25/2006
Debbie (Kusaka) Mercer dkusaka[at]yahoo.com 12/8/2010
Connie R (Lagazo) Baruso lagazo13[at]hotmail.com 3/28/2016
Judy M (Leddusire) Casad judy[at]JCasadArt.com Real Estate Broker for the McKenzie River and East Lane County region in Oregon. Live on Blue River between Eugene and Bend, Oregon. Volunteered with community service work for the past 6 years. View my recent multi-media art www.JCasadArt.com 3/28/2016
Dawn Lynch DLynch2[at]mt.gov Polson, MT 8/3/2005
Dale Mauldin dacubed[at]wavecable.com Arlington, Wa 3/21/2009
Linda (McCown) Millray mccmezzo[at]aol.com Attended Blaine & would have gone to Queen Anne/Class of 1979, but my family moved to Florida. 4/3/2009
Laura (McDougall) Coe laura-coe[at]comcast.net Living in San Jose. Married to Craig Coe (class of 78). Is anyone planning the 30 year reunion? 12/30/2008
Pam (McGurk) Neely pkneely[at]msn.com please let me know of any reunion. i would come up for that. 1/24/2009
Davida (Murphy) Williams moonshadoez[at]gmail.com Living in San Diego, CA. 12/8/2009
Jim W Nueske pilotfan[at]comcast.net Hi, folks. I've been married since 1990 to my lovely wife Ronda; 2 kids in college. I'm a DBA and webmaster here in Portland, OR. 5/6/2009
Tom K O'Brien tjjjj[at]Frontier.com 11/9/2005
Jonella L. (Palmer) Steiger airinhair[at]bak.rr.com I didn't graduate from Queen Anne :( , leaving the school in my junior year. I would like to come to the 30 year class reunion. Please contact me as soon as there is a set date. I miss all of my old school mates, Frank Mansfield, Tim Brickell, Randy Holt, and Suzie Ward. 9/7/2008
Gloria L. (Parisi) Richardson gloria_l_richardson[at]hotmail.com I am currently living in Kent, Wa. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters ages 14 and 15.
both are in High School. At this time I am a
Stay-at-home Mom and have enjoyed every minute of it!
However, now that my daughters are older and don't need me as much as they use to I am considering going back to work.
I am looking forward to the 30 year class reunion!
Steven T Paulsen steven.paulsen[at]seattle.gov 12/6/2006
Debra A "Debbie" (Russell) Russell rbentfamily[at]msn.com Owner of Eve restaurant in Fremont (Seattle).
Married to Karl Olson, 3 kids; Zoe, Lysander and Tallulah
Lives in Phinney Ridge.
Rick Samp rdsamp[at]msn.com 8/3/2005
Beth (Samuelson) Guy TheGuyFamily[at]aol.com Living on Bainbridge Island.Married to Bruce Guy(76) for 27 years. Two daughters,16 and 13. Administrative assistant at a Middle School on Bainbridge. Looking forward to the reunion. 3/21/2009
Wendy (Sanders) Osterman beppozone[at]earthlink.net Baltimore, MD 8/3/2005
Stephanie A "Ann" (Schnurr) Brosio sabrosio[at]comcast.net Living in Magnolia with husband. My two children are in college. Working for the Seattle Mariners for the last 7 years. 2/28/2009
John R. Seim thesplitking[at]msn.com Renton, WA 9/27/2006
Teri (Sheridan) McDonald terimcdonald1221[at]gmail.com 3/28/2016
Lennox H Smith LhSmith6117[at]gmail.com Living in Lake Stevens wa 7/19/2013
Gregory G. Smith ggsmith48[at]gmail.com living in Bothell Washington 9/27/2008
John K. Strazzara johnks[at]aol.com Home is Edmonds, Washington. Owner operator of A World of Collections Games, Comics & Cards since 1993. Great childhood memories of Magnolia and Queen Anne...... 3/28/2016
Mark C. (Thelen) Christopher markchristopher42[at]yahoo.com Was great to see may at 30 year......I'm now with 570 KVI Radio , KCTS 9 (PBS) and also Capt. Noah Lott at Ride The Ducks Seattle..just all fun and play ya know.. 11/28/2010
Gregory S. "Greg" Thompson gregthomp[at]verizon.net Living in Los Angeles with my wife Diane and daughter, currently working as a writer-producer on "Bob's Burgers." 3/27/2016
Joe Villarino joevillarino[at]gmail.com Moved back home to the Magnolia area near Discovery Park after living in Florida and California for the past 8 years. Glad to be back home! 8/6/2010
Randall V Wiegand guamwiegands[at]yahoo.com Into our 26th year on Guam. Working at the University of Guam in admin and finance. One child at the University and one in high school. 3/27/2016
Tia L Williams tialyn770[at]yahoo.com Living in Atlanta, GA since 1985. 6/1/2009
Alice M (Wirth) Finston alice.finston[at]gmail.com Married Cory Finston (Class of 1978) August 2014. Living on Camano Island with my wonderful husband and our 3 cats, Rachael,Tiki and Nadia. Life is beautiful!! 1/30/2016
Jennifer W (Wood) Bowman jbow2[at]Frontier.com Full time artist living in Anacortes 4/7/2009
Jeff Wyszynski jwysz[at]comcast.net 1/24/2009