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Many alumni have requested an e-mail directory so as to be able to contact "lost" friends. We hope to enable many side conversations and some mini-reunions.

Wary of "spamming," the QAHSAA Board has agreed to provide such a directory with the reservations that only those who complete the Directory Sign-up Form or e-mail us with express permission to post their names and e-mail addresses will be added to the directory. Please use the sign-up form to also make corrections (such as e-mail changes) or to remove yourself. To return to the main Directory page, click here.

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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
Ross C. Aitken rossandmindi[at]gmail.com Would love to hear from any of the old gang from Coe, Mclure or QA. Still frequent QA often.. 1/22/2014
Cecil C Caldwell eldercaldwell[at]hotmail.com 12/24/2009
Candice J "Candi" (Fisher) Mills bojenjo[at]msn.com Queen Anne was the best. Unfortunately I was one of the students that had to finish my high school experience at Franklin in '83. We lost so many students to other schools life was never the same. Love to chat with anyone who went to North Queen Anne Elementary or McClure Jr High. 2/26/2010
DEBORAH (MERRIMAN) PAULSEN cpfitnesst[at]aol.com 9/12/2007
Lynn W "Cheryl" (Williams) Dieterle Lionlily[at]gmail.com Hello Everybody: Most of you know me as Cheryl Williams, sister to Lenea Williams. I like the most of the graduating class of 83 didn't get a chance to attend QAHS! but it continues to live in our hearts and our families just the same. I graduated from Roosevelt High school and went straight to college and graduated with a BA in Pre-Law. I have spent the last 24 years working for the University of Washington. I am married going on 11 years to the best guy in the world. We have no children. Currently we live in Federal way with our 2 dogs. 8/17/2011
Clell "Ozzie" Woodcock cawtech[at]comcast.net I miss QAHS 9/5/2011