Historic Queen Anne Photos

Miller kids and Sheena, 1960

Miller children showreport cards to their dog, Seattle, June 10, 1960
(Photographer: John Vallentyne. Seattle Post-Intelligencer). We tried to find these kids in our Alumni Association database, but didn't succeed. Perhaps someone out there knows where the Millers went instead of going on to Queen Anne High. If so, please e-mail us with the information. Below is the caption from the P-I

"Summer time, if you date it from the end of the school year, means fewer lonesome family pets, as is demonstrated here by the children of Mr. And Mrs. Jim B. Miller and their Great Dane, Sheena, in exuberant reunion soon after Coe Elementary School dismissed classes for the season yesterday. All of the Miller children except Jeffrey, five, are showing Sheena their report cards. Jeffrey, too young for school, holds a drawing of a fish his oldest sister brought home for him. The children are (left to right) Lorna, eight; Jeffrey; Jim, seven, and Leah, 10. Sheena prances complete understanding and mutual approval."

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