In Memory of
The World War II Casualties
From Queen Anne High School
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In providing memorial pages for the Queen Anne students who died in World War II, we know that our list is not only incomplete but erroneous. We are starting with a list called "Kuay Supplement, For Queen Anne Men and Women in the Armed Services," which was compiled by Queen Anne journalism students with the help of many others in the spring of 1945, when V-E Day and V-J Day were perhaps uncertain hopes, though they did soon occur, V-E Day on May 8, and V-J Day on August 6. Compiled were the names of 2403 in the services, including the Merchant Marine, 607 of them officers. 76 are in the In Memoriam list, though undoubtedly the count of those who died in WWII was at that point incomplete. Indeed, there are 19 who are noted as POW or MIA. We hope to hear from any alumni who can give us further information about the WWII Queen Anne casualties.

We invite your help

We invite anyone who has additional knowledge of the fate of these people to help us out. One example of possible error is that we found persons of the same name in two different classes, and we may have chosen the wrong one.

We have included the project's cover letter written by Principal Otto Luther. Below that are the lists of the people who were POWs or MIAs as of March, 1945. Then, at the bottom of the column is the list of those who are deemed to have died during WWII but whose names we have not yet found in any of the yearbooks.

In the right hand column is the list of those we have - at least tentatively - identified, organized by their years of graduation. Click on the year to link to the page with photos and high school information for the students of that year.

Principal's Letter (March, 1945)

To Our Men and Women in the Armed Forces:

Your many friends and near kin have helped compile this list of the Queen Anne High School men and women in the Armed Forces. You number 2400, six times as many as we had in World War I. Even so, you are only one five-thousandths of America's Armed Forces. But to us, your parents and nearest of kin, you are the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Corps scattered in all the areas of combat. This list goes to press March 12, when the news comes of the crossing of the historic Rhine, reportedly not far from the point where Caesar's bridge in 54 B.C. bewildered the early Teutons. How often have the tides of victory ebbed and flowed across this historic Rhine in the past two thousand years! Aside from the human anguish and grief of these martial centuries, it would stagger the imagination to contemplate what these same martial energies directed in the channels of peace could have done for a United States of Europe patterned after our own good land. Here a Rhode Islander does not live in dread of invasion by the Empire State of New York, and the absence of trade and travel barriers equalizes the resources of the whole country.

This crossing of the Rhine causes hope to mount high for an early end of the European War. The folks back home would like to celebrate an imminent V.E. Day on these did November 11, 1918. But we realize that V.E. Day, when it comes, doesn't mean all is over but the shouting, but rather a momentary pause to steady our nerves and gird ourselves for the greater struggle in the Pacific.

Sincerely yours,
Otto L. Luther

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Classmate Branch of Service
Clarence Formoe Aviation Machinist's Mate
US Navy
Leroy Jacobson 2nd Lt. - U S Army
Richard Angus Yarrow Sgt. - U S Marines
Walter Hanson Seaman - Merchant Marine
Charles Wheeler Capt. - U S Army
Elmer Koski Chief Engineer - Army Transport Service
Jack McClintock
(John M.?)
PFC. - U S Army
Paul Wendelin S. Sgt. - U S Army
Thurlow Kesner  
Ted Nelson  
Dean Rose Pvt. - U S Army
Stuart Beales Aviation Cadet - U S Army Air Corps.
Ralph Jacobsen 2nd Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Carson Wood 2nd Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Harry Mattson Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Glen R. Rings Lt. JG. - U S Navy
Lewis Wendelin Seaman 1st Class - U S Navy
Larry Butler 2nd Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
James Harvey Jr. Capt. - U S Army
Francis Joseph Hill Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Stanley Taylor 2nd Lt. - U S Army (Tanks)
Page Warren Sgt. - U S Marines
Roy Hatlen Staff Sgt. - U S Army Air Corps.
Lionel Jones Aviation Cadet - U S Naval Air Corps
Evart Lamping Jr. Pfc. - U S Marines
Gene Snyder Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Phillip Brechtel Ensign - U S Navy
George Hill 1st Lt. - U S Army
Herb Munter Lt. JG - U S Navy Air Corps
Yukio Sato Pfc - U S Army
John Snyder Staff Sgt - U S Marine Corps
Joseph Keonings Sgt. - Aerial Gunner U S Army Air Corps
Alexander (Sandy) Mackie Lt. - U S Marine Corps
Paul Martin Cpl. - U S Army Air Corps
Ted O'Conner (Edward?) Lt JG - U S Navy Submarine Div.
Paul West Flight Officer - U S Army Air Corps
Ted Dunn Cpl - U S Army Air Corps
Paul Hibbard Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
David Jacobs 2nd Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Richard Lockdam Ensign - U S Naval Air Corps
Hollis Martin Radioman/Gunner - U S Naval Air Corps
Jack Morris Air Mechanic - U S Navy
Paul Rockas 1st Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Harry Ryan Aviation Machinist's Mate - U S Navy
Harry Northrup Pvt. - U S Army Air Corps
Joe Noyes 2nd Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Charles Rafferty 3rd Mate - Merchant Marine
Robert Rose 2nd Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Calvin Ide 1st Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Milton McMann Seaman 2nd Class - U S Navy
John Mooney Engineer - Merchant Marine
John O'Neill  Pvt. - U S Army
Earl Spaulding Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd - U S Naval Air Corps
Duane Anderson Pvt. - U S Army
Albert Gadd Pvt. - U S Army
Douglas Mortenson 2nd Lt. - U S Army Air Corps
Jack Rowland Pfc. - U S Army
(Morris?) Bud Dean Seaman 1st Class - U S Navy
J. B. Falconer Military School
Jack Peterson Apprentice Seaman - U S Naval Air Corps
Frank Brown Staff Sgt. - U S Army Air Corps
Griffith King  U S Army
Leo Bateman Pvt. - U S Army
Prisoners of War
Classmate Class Service
Bob Ager 1939 Capt.- Army Air Corps - Germany
William Agnetti 1940 Army Air Corps - Germany
Oscar Fargie   Pfc. - Marine Corps - Japan
Tom Hammond 1938 1st Lt. - Army Air Corps - Germany
Charles Kail   Lt. Col - Marines
Richard Luce 1940 1st Lt. - Army Air Corps - Germany
Alan Martyn 1942 Cpl. - Canadian Army - Germany
Robert Master   Sgt. - Royal Canadian Air Force - Germany
Jim McCombs   Army Air Corps
Charles Wilkins   Lt. JG - Navy
Dean Wood 1933 1st Lt. - Army
Missing In Action
Roy Gordon Anderson 1943 U S Coast Guard
William Connell 1942 Ensign - Naval Air Corps
George Dodds   Sgt - Royal Canadian Air Force
Frank Johnson 1935 U S Navy
Fred Norman   Army Air Corps
Lawrence Norman   Capt. - Army Air Corps
Fred Olsen 1933 Sgt - Army Air Corps
Adrian Rose 1936 2ns LT - Army Air Corps
Deceased With Class Year Unknown
Bruce Brown   Staff Sgt. -  Army Air Corps
James Cleary   Boatswain's Mate 2nd, Merchant Marine
William Dikeman   Sgt., Royal Canadian Air Force
John Gorman   Technician 5th Grade -  Army Air Corps
Laverne Hanson   Tech. Sgt. -  Army
Robert Holland   Pfc. -  Marine Corps
Ed Howe    
Fay Johnson   Staff Sgt. -  Army
Willie McLaughlin   1st Lt. -  Army Air Corps
Dervyn Muth   Pfc. -  Army Paratroops
Frank Olmsted   2nd Lt. -  Marine Corps
Thomas O'Meara   Pfc. -  Marine Corps
Ray Partee   Chaplain - Army
Fred Picinich   Staff Sgt. -  Army
Hoyt Ross   Major - Army Air Corps
Stanley Taylor   2nd Lt. -  Army Tank Corps
Robert White   Captain - Australian Home Army
Howard Wilson   Captain - Army
"In Love"

This photo is from the "Snaps" section of the 1943 Grizzly. We have been able to identify the subjects as Donna Davis (Flynn), '43, and Joe Noyes, '40. Beside her senior photo in the '43 Grizzly, Donna said that her ambition was to always have as many friends as she then had and to fly in a B-17 with Joe. Looking for a person named Joe on our list of those killed in WWII, we found Joe Noyes, whose senior photo you will find on our page of QA fatalities from 1940. (See the list below.) Donna and Joe were engaged to be married after Joe returned from service as a B-17 co-pilot in Europe. In a phone conversation (5-9-03), Donna told us that Joe, based in England, had almost completed his tour when he was killed. Donna still lives in the Puget Sound area and is the mother of two and grandmother of three.