2020 Scholarship Awards Pending Application Deadline March 31, 2020.

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QA Scholarship Deadline Mar. 31, 2020

Now in its 37th year of awarding scholarships, the Queen Anne
High School Alumni Association reminds all grads that this year’s
application deadline is March 31, 2020.

Thoughtful gifts from hundreds of Grizzlies and supporters have resulted in 615 awards over the years to descendants of QA alumni. Applicants must be former students of Queen Anne High School or direct descendants of Queen Anne students, (children, stepchildren, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.) There are no age limits.

Completed applications for this year’s scholarships are due by March 31.  Application forms can be downloaded. You can also email; or write to QA Education Committee, 6103 St. Albion Way #I-115, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043; or phone 206-914-4727.

Follow the directions carefully, including providing official transcripts, and be sure to meet the March 31 deadline.

In addition to the many academic scholarships there is also a Trade and Vocational Scholarship available. It is intended for use for certification or specific diploma from a
technical or vocational school.
A reminder of our scholarship policies follow:
 1. You can only win once. No repeat winners.
 2. Available only for college undergrad or trade & vocational studies. Not available for post-graduate studies.
 3. Applicants must be:
   a. High school senior;
   b. GED or equivalent grad;
   c. College undergrad; or
   d. Former students seeking post-high school education.
For a complete description of scholarship policies see the application forms mentioned above.

How to donate to a scholarship

The QAHSAA scholarship program has been the primary public expression of our Association’s legacy since its founding in 1981. The scholarship funds come from the donations of our Grizzly alumni, either individually or through their reunion committees, and from sales of QAHS memorabilia. All donations are tax deductible.

Donations for scholarships may be made for specific scholarships, whole or partial, or for the growth of our Scholarship Endowment Fund, which helps provide for our perpetual Grizzly Scholarship Program. A single scholarship costs $1000.00. We need your help in continuing this necessary and thoughtful program. To donate to our Scholarship click on the link to the link in the right column of this page.

Who can apply and how

  • Since 1983 the association has provided scholarships to descendants of Queen Anne High graduates. The scholarships are funded by (tax-deductible) donations from individuals, classes, and other entities, and from sales of QAHS memorabilia. Scholarship donations, earmarked Scholarship Fund, may be made to the Queen Anne High School Alumni Association, PO Box, 9128, Seattle, WA, 98109-0128.
  • Eligible scholarship applicants include all Queen Anne High School graduates and their direct descendants, including stepchildren and adopted children. Each scholarship is currently $1000.00. Recipients of scholarships are precluded from applying for subsequent scholarships. You can only win once.
  • The Queen Anne High School Alumni Scholarship policy can be viewed by following this link.
  • Requests for scholarship applications may be accessed on line or by sending a request to the Education Committee at 6103 St. Albion Way #I-115, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043, starting on January 2 of each year. Or you can call 206-914-4727. The deadline for completed applications for each year must be postmarked by March 31. Do not send them via FEDEX or similar carriers. You will receive an application packet consisting of an instructional cover letter and personal reference forms. Applicants’ submittals must include all items requested in the cover letter and the application form. Failure to comply with these stipulations may disqualify applicants from consideration. Applicants are urged to submit their applications as quickly as possible following receipt of their application packets. Scholarship winners will be selected in early May and the winners will be announced at their schools’ honors assemblies or commencement ceremonies.

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