In Memory of
The Vietnam Casualties
From Queen Anne High School
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We have created these pages to memorialize the Queen Anne High School students who died in the Vietnam War, using what information we can get from the yearbooks and a Web site that lists the Washington State residents who died in the war. The Web enables us to make a permanent, accessible tribute to these men. We will be adding more information and encourage viewers to help us by adding their information and reminiscences. Some of our photos are not good copies, but are the best we have available.  We thank the researcher , Darilee Bednar, for inspiring these memorial pages and providing military information.

Classmate Year Graduated
George Jensen 1943
Larry Harke 1960
George Hightower 1960
David L. Nelson 1962
Gary Eddy 1963
John Stewart 1963
Rolf Jorgensen 1963
Robert Leisy Up-dated Sept. 2010 1963
Richard Glen Davis 1964
David Hedblum 1964
John O'Brien 1964
Horton Coker 1965
James Allen Ferguson 1965
Eric Herold 1965
Tommy Lunn 1965
Donald McNeil 1965
Christopher Gray 1967
Craig Fox 1968
John Kraabel 1968

Vietnam Memorial at Catherine Blaine

Vietnam Memorial at University of Washington



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